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1969 Football Team, 7-0

1969 Football Team, 7-0
Front Row: Steve Kelly, Howie Longo, Ted Zimmerman, Dan Salerno, Quentin Sisco, Bob Considine, Angelo Rinchiuso, Charles Amico, Tom Gregorie, Chuck Soumar, Louie Avena, Mike Pavlik / / Second Row: Russ Bartos, Rich Chiba, Bill Izzi, Craig Baldacci, Mike Ptak, Jack Hode, Ken Klimes, Russ Gassaway, Bob Trombetta, Joe Kestian, Gary Kukla, Al Regal, Ken Luschinski, Coach Jim Kraus / / Back Row: Head Coach Jim Regan, Coach Bob Reynolds, Trainer Fred Fahey, Rich Alfirevic, Bob Kolar, Stan Pieta, Ron Fiala, Frank Janata, Darryl Coburn, Gene Pouliot, Jeff Falk, John Unterfranz, Coach Len Ruzycki, Coach Frank Duchon

In 1969, Illinois did not have an official state championship for high school football teams.
In the previous seasons, Morton led the title for most won games, they were 6-2; winning their last six games of the season.

The class of 1969 witnessed a teacher’s strike that led to a forfeit against Riverside Brookfield High School due to the lack of practice for three entire weeks. As a result, players banded together and practiced independently.

The Morton 1969 Football team set 13 amazing records, such as most touchdowns in a game and in one season, most completed passes, most interceptions by a defensive player, and most points per game (29 points), along with other records.The 1969 Football team was ranked #4 in state, which was an impressive title considering they only played 7 games.
The head coach for this record breaking team was Hall of Famer Jim Regan.