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Diego Tostado Munoz

Knowing a Future, Dedicated, Driven Dr. Diego

By Litzy Rodriguez  


Photo taken by Diego’s mom  

Diego went on vacation to Wisconsin Dells with his family. 


Diego Tostado Muñoz is a 17-year-old junior attending Morton East High School. He was born in Chicago on February 24, 2006. He shows how much of a dedicated student he is by taking Pre-calculus and is planning to take AP Calculus AB next year. He is currently taking AP English and planning to take AP Chinese, AP Literacy, and AP Biology next year. Some languages he knows are Spanish and English, and he is currently learning Chinese.  


Muñoz loves to study and meet his goals; he likes to start new projects and learn something new daily.  


“I am the type of student that likes to study. I like meeting my goals; I write my goals at the start of each semester. If I don’t achieve them, I try my best for next semester. I always like to make new projects as a student because it’s a better way for me to get to know more people and work as a group,” Muñoz said.  


He has a good relationship with his parents; they always support him in every decision he makes.  


“My relationship with my parents is tenacious because they’ve always been supportive of me. They always motivate me and give me the best life advice. They always tell me to keep studying, achieve my goals, and pursue my dreams. Whenever I need their help, they’re always there for me,” Muñoz said.


He has always been a good student since he was a little kid, winning various awards. He also shared some of his best and worst memories from his childhood.  


“My best memory from my childhood is when I was graduating from 6th grade and got a first-place certificate from the entire school. I felt so proud of myself,” Muñoz said. “My worst memory was when my grandma died. I was eight years old and felt devastated because she was a great person. She would always give the best advice, and she was a person that I could count on. She always used to take me to the park with my friends. She was one of the people that impacted me most in my life. I miss her so much.” 


What Muñoz would like to do right now is travel around the world, but specifically to have a chance to visit Germany, as history class topics piqued his interest. 


“If I could do anything right now, I would travel to Germany, I would go visit the concentration camps from WWII because it sounds really interesting to me of how everything happened and since we just learned that in my history class, I’m really invested in that topic. I would love to visit many concentration camps that are in Germany,” Muñoz said. 


Muñoz talked about his dream job. He is a really dedicated person, he loves to help others in their worst moments, and he likes to work on new things every day.

“My dream job is to be an emergency room doctor because I like to help people and I love science. Even when I was a little kid I loved science class. I like the idea of being able to help people in their worst moments. I also enjoy working under pressure and li
ke working on new things every day,” Muñoz said.


He plans to retire before 70 because he wants to travel before aging.

“I would like to retire before 70 years of age because I would like to travel. I don’t want to die before traveling to many places around the world,” Muñoz said.


Muñoz shared where his parents are from, along with his experiences in Mexico, where he lived. He had a challenging time living a distance away from his school.  


“My parents are from Jalisco, Mexico. My mom is from San Jose de los Reynosos, and my dad is from San Juan de los Lagos. I’ve been there since I lived there for two years, and it was amazing because I really got to know where my roots are from. I would like to visit again because I have family there and we all get along very well. It was kind of difficult because since we lived in a small community, my parents had to drive far away so they could take us to school every day. We would wake up at 6 am, and we have to drive from 30 to 40 minutes,” Muñoz said. 


He shared how important his family is to him, especially his mom. His big brother inspired him because he helped the family in tough situations.  


“Some of the most important people in my life are definitely my mom because she has been one of the people that have helped me the most in a variety of situations. She has always been there for me. My parents and friends have always been there for me. One person that inspires me a lot is my big brother because he helped my family in difficult situations. For example, when we were economically unstable, he started working when he was 15,” Muñoz said. 


When Muñoz was little, he had a particular nickname given to him by his parents for his behavior.  


“I had a nickname when I was a little kid, my parents would call me “speedy” because when I was hungry, I would get mad and cry. I used to make a lot of berriches. When I was a kid, I got in trouble many times, which I will never forget,” Muñoz said.  


Ms. Shiyun Pan, a Chinese teacher at Morton East, mentions how great of a student Muñoz is.  


“Diego is a very optimistic student; he never gives up. He loves studying a lot and loves new challenges. If I could describe Diego in one word, it would be determined. I think he would make a great lawyer because he is very eloquent,” Pan said. 


Arleth Juarez Diaz has been friends with Muñoz for quite some time. Juarez describes Muñoz as an incredibly supportive person because he is always helping others. She is immensely proud of him and of all the goals he achieves and looks forward to him growing and becoming successful in his future.  


“I met Diego on the first day of school in eighth grade, and we’ve been friends for four years. My first impression of him was that he was a very cheerful person because he was laughing all the time. I would describe Diego as a very supportive person because he’s always helping people at school, and he’s always providing encouragement or emotional help. I am very proud of how he has developed academically because sometimes he tells us how difficult his assignments are. I think he would be a great doctor because he really likes to help others,” Juarez said.  


Diego Tostado Muñoz is a very dedicated student that loves to help others. He is very grateful for his family for always being there for him and supporting him. He dreams that one day he will become a great doctor.