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Arianna Aguayo

Natural Leader and Accomplished Star 

By Nathaly Meza  


Photo taken by Emaley Delgado  

This photo was taken while she was putting up posters.  


Arianna Aguayo is a 17-year-old senior at Morton East High School. She always finds a way to be included in school. Aguayo was on the Poms team for three years. On top of that, Aguayo has always been a good student academically. She has contributed to this school and was even our senior homecoming queen. When Aguayo has a goal to accomplish, she will ensure it happens. Aguayo likes to be involved with school activities and events. Some clubs that she participates in are NHS and Class of 2023. Even having a job and going to school, she is a friend you can always rely on.  


Aguayo shares how she has accomplished many of her goals this school year, mainly because it is her senior year.  


“I accomplished a lot of goals this school year but the main goal that I was really proud of was winning homecoming queen,” Aguayo said.  


Aguayo has always had a strong bond with her parents. They have always supported her through many decisions, and they find a way for things to go the right way.  


“I just know that my parents are really loving, they support me through a lot on what I want to do. They always find a way to make it work, whether it be financially or emotionally,” Aguayo said.  


She has learned many lessons throughout life and uses them to change for the better.  


“The most important lesson in life that really hit home for me is treating everyone equally no matter your sexuality, your race, the color of your skin, it just doesn’t matter. Everyone is here for a reason, and they deserve to be treated equally. You never know what a person is going through,” Aguayo said. 


Lilia Contreras, an English teacher at Morton East, says that Aguayo is a natural leader that always makes sure she has goals that she knows she will accomplish.  


“Arianna is a natural leader. She knows her own mind, has set goals for herself, and has taken steps to finish high school successfully,” Contreras said.  


Emaley Delgado, a student at Morton East, says that Aguayo has always been a caring person who you can always count on. She also helps people when she gets the opportunity to do so.  


“To me, Arianna is extremely special. She is such a caring person and you can always count on her to be there whenever you need help. She never says no when you need help. Unless you're asking her something absolutely crazy, but even then, I think she'd probably consider it,” Delgado said. 


She has a bright future ahead. She wants to attend college and has gotten many offers from colleges. Arianna Aguayo strives to become a teacher and be able to help them see a bright future. She knows English and Spanish, which will benefit her in many ways, such as communicating with someone who only knows one language. Although she has already accomplished many goals early on, she will continue to accomplish many more.