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Gizelle Boyzo

Athletic, AP Student: AKA Future Lawyer 

By Helena Lopez

 Photo taken by a photographer.    This photo was taken outside her house for her first photoshoot.

 Photo taken by a photographer.  

This photo was taken outside her house for her first photoshoot.  


Gizelle Boyzo is a 17-year-old junior, and she goes to Morton East high school. She has AP classes like AP Bio, APUSH, and AP English Language and Composition. She likes to play sports outside of school such as baseball, softball, soccer, and even gymnastics. Boyzo is also on the Poms team. She is also part of the NHS club and the Class of 2023 club. Boyzo likes learning new languages because it is important for her since she likes to travel; she wants to be able to understand people from the places she goes to. A few languages she knows are English and Spanish, and she is currently learning French and Portuguese.   


Boyzo was born in the city of Chicago, but she grew up and was raised in a couple of different areas within Chicago. 


“I was born here, in Chicago at Masonic Hospital and my birthdate is March 28 of 05. I kind of moved around a little bit, I used to live in Glendale Heights and then I moved to Franklin Park, and I am now currently in Cicero,” Boyzo said.  


She grew up in a majority white neighborhood. She moved to Franklin Park where there were more Hispanics and then she moved to Cicero.  


“Glendale Heights is predominantly white, but I did not really stay there for that long. But then we moved to more of a Hispanic area in Franklin Park and then here in Cicero it is pretty Hispanic based, it has been pretty good,” Boyzo said.  


Boyzo always had love and support from her parents. They have always been around and helped her when she needed them.  


“They were very caring; they would support me on whatever adventure I wanted to go on or do. I feel like they were a very solid support system that I have had since I was little. So, them being around when I was a little kid was nice.” Boyzo said.  


She had a good relationship with her parents and were both supportive. Whenever she needed help, her parents were there and pushed her to do better.  


“My relationship with my parents has been pretty good. I wouldn’t complain about it, like I said we get along pretty well and support me in everything, so I feel like having a good relationship with them was good,“ Boyzo said.  


She grew up happy and was always smiling. She liked to dance a lot in her free time. 


“As a child I was happy. I remember a bunch of stories that my grandparents and parents told me all the time is that I was always smiling, laughing, and dancing everywhere. I feel like my childhood was a really good one. I would not complain about it,” Boyzo said.  


She felt like she was going to grow up a tomboy because all her cousins were guys, so she did not grow up around them. But she became more girly throughout the years.  


“So, growing up I was pretty much a tomboy. All my cousins are my age, and they are all guys. I have no female cousins my age. So, growing up I was always with my cousins, always. To be where I am at right now is kind of weird for me because I kind of leaned more onto the girly side, but I'm not fully girly, but I'm not fully tomboy. I'm happy so,” Boyzo said.  


She has many regrets, but she learned from them and changed.  


“Yeah, I do, but I feel like the regrets that I have are kind of more like a learning outcome for me, so I don’t really see them as regrets, but they are some that I do regret,” Boyzo said.  


She would tell her future self to be patient and not to rush things.  


“I would say not to rush things and be patient. I feel like when I was little, I really tried my best to be top of the top and to be the best in everything I have done. So, I would tell her to take it easy, calm down a little, and do not rush it because everything will work out,” Boyzo said.  


Ms. Gonzalez, an English teacher at Morton East, says that Boyzo is a hard-working student, and she always thinks about others before herself. Ms. Gonzales thinks that she can accomplish everything she wants in life.  


“Ambitious; she is in multiple AP courses. She is kind, hardworking, and thinks of others before herself. She has natural leadership qualities that I can discern will open many doors for her in her future,” Gonzalez said.  


Arianna Aguayo is one of Boyzo's friends. She thinks she is always on top of everything and gets her stuff done. Everything she wants in life she does her best to achieve.  


“Her determination and I say this because when we were trying out for poms, she made sure she was putting her mind to it. Even with modeling, when she needs to learn those walks for the stage, she makes sure she has that done,” Aguayo said.  


She has a future where she wants to attend an ivy league school and already has many offers from schools. Boyzo strives to become a lawyer dealing with organizations for minors and immigration. She models prom dresses and Quinceanera dresses, has done extensive training, and she has a state title. It was something different and new for her because she was not comfortable wearing dresses because she grew up tomboyish, but it took her a lot of training to be comfortable. She's happy and proud of being a Mustang; she enjoys the environment it provides her with while attending school.