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Mariana Flores

A Bright Future for a Bright Star

By Guadalupe Mota


 Photo taken by Morton Freshman Center Staff

While it is lunch hour, Mariana uses this time to study for her next class periods.


Mariana Flores, a sophomore here at Morton East High School, is looking forward to a bright and splendid future. She is currently taking AP (Advanced Placement) computer science principles, pre-calculus, and Chinese. She is a straight-A student who always wants to do her best in school. Mariana has many hobbies that she enjoys doing which include listening to music, playing video games, and watching anime. A goal she has set for her future is to become a psychiatrist and start her own family.


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Mariana has not been able to have a full school experience of going to Morton East. However, she can reflect on the good memories that have happened over the past year.


''Before the whole coronavirus situation, during my freshman year I had my Quinceañera which was something very memorable to me," Flores said.


In addition to that, Flores has had firsthand experiences dealing with mental issues so she wants to help others out too by following her own heart and dreams.


Flores shared, “I want to become a psychiatrist because I really like psychology, and with that subject, I can help a lot of people with mental issues.”


It is also important to Flores that people recognize who they are by letting others know about their strengths and the remarkable things they do.


''I feel like one of my biggest strengths would be that I'm very dedicated, and I also learn very quickly,'' Flores said.


Along with a big strength, there is also a big weakness, and that is that she tends to be a perfectionist. Part of being a perfectionist is to be traditional when it comes to family.


''Something that comes to mind is that my siblings and I’s names all start with the letter 'M' and I really want to pass down that tradition with my kids,'' Flores said.


Teachers recognize Flores’ accomplishments. Ms. Tabares states that Mariana is highly motivated and will do amazing things. Her hopes of helping others will allow her to glow even brighter.


Zayanm Rosas, a good friend of Flores, said that some words to best describe Mariana would be hopeful and optimistic. She always looks at the bright side of things and tries her hardest to make her dreams and goals come true.


Mariana has set amazing goals that she is determined to achieve in her future. It is never too early to dream big, and she is a perfect example of this. Although she has not physically attended Morton East yet due to remote learning, she is excited to be able to have a wonderful experience there. So far, Morton East has been incredibly fun and she hopes it will be even more fun once she is able to step safely inside and finally meet her teachers and friends.