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Morton Students Turn the District Green Through Community Action Project


Kids Planting  

 Morton Students Turn the District Green Through Community Action Project


What started as a class project turned into a legacy left at Morton 201’s campus as three students led an initiative to plant new trees through an area grant to help promote a cleaner environment. With the help of Morton Arboretum and the Pride Gas Station at 3100 S Cicero Avenue in Cicero, senior Maria Chavez and juniors Socorro Canelo and Beatriz Maldonado were able to plant 15 trees representive six different species perfect for the Morton 201 area to help promote a greener community.


“This all started off as a Community Action Project assigned to us,” Canelo said. “The Morton Arboretum had to come make sure this was a suitable place for the trees. As soon as they gave us the okay, we had to pass this through our principal, Mr. (Jose) Gamboa. He actually helped us mark the areas where the trees were going to be planted and he also helped us plant our first tree.”


The Arboretum donated the trees for the project and volunteers helped the trio plant the trees along the  field near the school.


Morton Arboretum “We had a lot of volunteers helping us the day of the event,” Maldonado said. “There were students, teachers, administrators, staff from the Morton Arboretum and the Pride Gas station here helping us plant the trees around the field.”


The three said they were proud of the impact they are leaving to Morton East, saying it’s something that lasts more than they can imagine.


“I am proud that we left a very positive mark on our campus. Our school needed more green since we are in an urban area,” Chavez said. “These trees will help save money on the energy bills. The concrete areas that surrounds us causes heat islands, but the trees will make a difference.”