After School Activities

  • Student Organizations (730.01)

    The school as a unifying institution in the community provides opportunities for self-expression for its students. The activities of approved student organizations shall be regarded as a vital part of the total educational program. Organizations, clubs, societies, and other groups that are related to the curriculum are welcomed to serve as extensions to the student's education and shall be permitted to meet on the school premises. Membership must be open to and limited to all students currently enrolled. A copy of the constitution and bylaws of the organization shall be filed with the Building Principal.

    Each organization shall have at least one faculty sponsor who shall be responsible for the supervision and direction of the activities of the group. The sponsor shall actively participate in the planning and implementing of the activities and shall attend all meetings. Non-school persons may not direct, conduct, control, or regularly attend activities of student groups. Student organizations that do not meet the requirements of this policy shall not be approved by the school and therefore are not entitled to the privileges given to approved student organizations.

    No Pass, No Play (730.04)

    Beginning with the start of the 1999-2000 school year, students involved in athletics, performance/production activities, elected positions, and all other activities except those that are part of a course and are used to determine a student's grade, must be passing a minimum of four classes in order to be eligible for participation.

    Student eligibility will be determined on a weekly basis for athletics and performance/production activities, on a quarterly basis (every 9 weeks) for elected positions, and on a semester basis for all other activities.

Extra-Curricular Activities

  • Morton High Schools sponsor extra-curricular activities and encourage student participation because of their contributions to our educational program. Research shows that students who are actively engaged in extra-curricular activities generally do better in school than students who are not similarly involved. Students gain experience as leaders and as group participants. They profit from the skills of working effectively together in democratic groups. These experiences foster dynamic leadership, cooperation, and citizenship among student participants.

Morton West

  • Adventure Club
    Art Club
    Auto Club
    Best Buddies
    Business Club
    Culinary Club 
    Cultural Diversity
    Dance Crew 
    El Taller (de Bilingüismo)
    Freshman Class
    Freshman Mentoring Program (FMP)
    Futuros traductores y locutores Translators & Broadcasters 
    JSA - Debate Club
    Junior Class
    Latino Club
    Mathletes West
    Morton Multilingual Club
    Morton West Improv Club
    Photo Club
    Robotics Club
    Scholastic Bowl
    Senior Class
    Service / Key Club
    Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica (SHH)
    Sophomore Class
    Student Council
    Video Club

Morton East

  • Adventure Club

    Bible Club

    Bowling (District)

    C.A.R.E./PBIS/ Peer Mediation

    Class of 2019

    Class of 2020

    Class of 2021

    Cultural Diversity

    Cyber Service

    Dance Club

    Ecology Club

    Fine Arts



    Modern Languages Club



    Morton Student Government Association MSGA


    Otaku Club

    Poetry Club


    *Scholastic Bowl (District)


    *Speech Team (District)

    Theatre Club

    Video Club

    Visit the Morton East activities section to see more.

Freshman Center

  • Adventure Club

    Bowling (District)

    C.A.R.E. Club/ Peer Mediation

    Ecology Club

    Fine Arts Club

    Freshman Cabinet (2014)

    Literacy Club

    Modern Languages


    Poetry Club

    *Scholastic Bowl (District)

    Speech (District)

    Student Council

    Service Club (T.A.G.)

    Visit Morton Freshman Center activities section to see more.