In this department, you will find a list of courses offered, downloadable resources, staff contact information and promotional videos.

Special Education Department

  • Mission

    The educational future of all students hinges on helping students and teachers become better members of a community by creating new visions for students and for schools.  Including students in the general curriculum is not only a legal requirement; it is what is morally and ethically right.

    In the Special Education Department at District 201, students will learn the following:

    • Financial Literacy
    • Recreational Sports
    • Functional Reading
    • World Readiness
    • Integrated Math
    • Applied Math
    • Functional Health
    • Applied English
    • Employable Skills
    • English
    • Employment
    • United States History
    • Contemporary Literature
    • Consumer Education
    • Living Skills
    • Prevocational Training
    • Related Instruction Survey
    • Vocational Survey
  • West Special Education
  • East Special Education
  • Freshmen Center Special Education