• Physical Education, Health and Drivers Education



    Every student will acquire the skills necessary to become life- long participants in physical activities and pursue and value a healthy lifestyle.



    J.Sterling Morton High School District 201’s Physical Education Department believes that every student will learn the foundational skills of physical activity and wellness through movement-centered and knowledge-based activities within a safe and supportive learning environment. Students will be challenged to recognize the diversity of individual ability and participate with respect to those around them.



    We believe…

    - students should have the opportunity to develop knowledge and skills to improve their physical, social and emotional wellness now and for the rest of their lives

    -students should learn the positive and negative effects of their decisions in the areas of health, physical education and drivers education

    -all students should be given the opportunity to become physically fit and develop their own personal fitness program in a positive and safe environment

    -as a staff, we are continuously working to align all campuses to assess knowledge and skills of all activities taught

    -all students are learners and we accept responsibility for teaching them through differentiated instruction