Morton East CTE Courses



      Business Education and Information Technology  

      Accounting 1/ Financial Accounting

      Computer Networking 1/2

      Computer Programming/Gaming

      Consumer Education



      AP Computer Science Principles



      Family & Consumer Science  

      Child Development 1/2

      Child Development 3/4

      Child Development 5/6

      Culinary Arts 1/2

      Culinary Arts 3/4

      Culinary Arts 5/6




      Industrial Technology  

      Auto 1/2

      Auto 3/4

      Auto 5/6

      Carpentry 1/2

      Carpentry 3/4

      Carpentry 5/6

      Graphic Arts, Photoshop

      Graphic Arts Illustrator

      Graphics Print Production/Design

      Intro to Engineering Design

      Principles of Engineering

      Engineering Design and Development