Teens Achieving Goals (T.A.G) Constitution

  • T.A.G. (Teens Achieving Goals) Service Learning Club 2015/2016


    Article I Name

    T.A.G. (Teens Achieving Goals) Service Learning Club

    .Article II Purpose

    T.A.G. is a community service club, whose goal is to concentrate on the needs of the community.  T.A.G. members must see themselves as part of a larger community and understand that their leadership is necessary in addressing the issues of our changing world.  Students develop some of the skills necessary to be leaders and promoters of change.  Students will expand their skills and commitment to social service and social responsibility. Once students have learned how to give their time and efforts to help others, they will feel more part of a community.

    Article III Membership

    T.A.G. Service club does not discriminate on the grounds of race, color, sex and sexual orientation, marital status, national origin, age, height/weight ratio or disability.  Any member of the class of 2018 is welcome to join.

    Article IV Dues

    This club has no dues.

    Article V Officers

    The club coordinator is Doris Tobin. President - Monse Sanchez; Vice President- Irene Deoca; Secretary- Daniella Perez; Treasurer – Alexandro Silva.  The president and vice president act as meeting leaders; secretary takes notes and communicate necessary information to the members; treasurer collects and supervises fundraising operations.  Coordinators supervise all officers and club activities, and file all necessary required paperwork.

    Article VI Meetings

    Regular meetings for T.A.G. Service Club are held every Friday morning before school in room 407.  Additional meetings are held as needed before and after school.

    Article VII Elections/Selection Process for Leadership

    Officers are determined by club selection and advisor recommendation.

    Article VIII Bylaws

    Club bylaws will be established by a majority of attending club membership.