• Snowball Clubs

    Meets Thursday Afterschool room 442

    Advisors Ray Lunz room 394

                  Lisa Castello room 442


Snowball Club Constitution



    Of the Snowball Club

    1. Sterling Morton High School




    The Snowball club at Morton East high school is a club that focuses on a healthy lifestyle for students. We are against any attitudes or actions that will negatively affect our students. Our club is made up of members along with our teen staff leaders that we select at the beginning of the year. Our teen staff leaders not only help us run the club, but they lead by example on what a positive impact one student can have. “If I have a positive impact on you, then you can have a positive impact on someone else and then it begins to snowball……….”



    ARTICLE    I.                                      OBJECTIVE


    Some of goals include but are not limited to the following:

    -Have 100 participants attend are weekend retreat

    -Successfully run three blood drives and get at least 300 students to donate at each one

    -Participate in at least two volunteer opportunities outside of school

    -Have two fundraisers throughout the year

    -Positively impact the student body one student at a time



    ARTICLE   II.                                      MEMBERSHIP


    Section I.                                            


    To become a member of our club you must fill out an emergency medical form and attend club meetings when they can on Thursdays after school. We are always looking for new members and we promote a healthy and comfortable environment for anyone to join.


    Section II.                                           


    Our members are required to come to our meetings and escape the challenges of high school so they can have some fun even if it’s for an hour after school.





    Section III.      


    If we find out someone if acting negatively or has done something that has hurt another student we will make sure to not let them come to our meetings anymore.                           


    ARTICLE III.                                       OFFICERS


    Section I.        


    Our leaders are made up of 16 teen staff members. In the beginning of the year each teen staff applicant must fill out an application, get 4 teacher references and go through an interview with the advisors. After that we select our best 16. Each applicant must hold and maintain a GPA of at least 2.0 and they must be in good academic and discipline standing.


    Section II.                                           


    We expect a lot from our teen staff members. Each leader is responsible for attending each club meeting along with our teen staff meetings on Wednesday evenings. We expect them to plan and run each club meeting. They will also plan and run the entire snowball weekend retreat. They have to find a DJ, a keynote speaker, a t-shirt design, plan and run a workshop, plan and run a small group for three days among other things. We also ask that they help run the three blood drives throughout the year where they will be assigned jobs such as typing in attendance and handing out snacks, etc….


    Section III.

    (See Section II            )


    Section IV.                                          


    The removal of an officer will come if they are not attending meetings on a regular basis and if they violate any of our snowball guidelines.


    ARTICLE V.                                        COMMITTEES


    Section I

    We have committees within our teen staff leaders for the year and for the weekend retreat. The committees for the year are fundraising, snowball club, organizational and recruiting/publicity. They select them by seniority list.


    Section II.                                            (See Section I)

    Section III.                                           (See Section I)

    Section IV.                                           If they are not performing their duties



    ARTICLE VI.                                      MEETINGS


    Section I.



    We meet with our club so students can have some fun and not worry about the stresses of high school.

    Our teen staff meets so we can plan the club meetings and ultimately plan the weekend retreat.


    Section II.

    Our club meets every Thursday from 2:40-3:40 and our teen staff meets every Wednesday from 5:30-8:00.


    Section III.                                          


    The advisors are responsible for the attendance.


    Section IV.                                          


    ARTICLE VII.                                     FINANCES


    Section I.


    All money made by the snowball club will be deposited into the account at the cashier and will only be

    spent on things needed for the club.


    Section II.




    ARTICLE VIII.                                    PARLIAMENTARY AUTHORITY


    The rules contained in ROBERT’S RULES OF ORDER, REVISED shall govern all meetings of  the Snowball Club and Teen Staff in all cases to which they are applicable and consistent with this constitution and its by-laws.


    ARTICLE IX.                                      AMENDMENTS


    (Example)  This constitution shall be ratified by two-thirds majority vote of the entire membership of theSnowball Club/Teen Staff.









    This Certifies that




    Morton High School has received

    Its charter for the school year


    and is extended the rights, privileges,

    and responsibilities that any

    chartered extra-curricular organization may hold.


    To Wit:

    THE CLUB MAY……..

    1. Request calendar dates for activities
    2. Meet in the school
    3. Participate in school activities
    4. Appear in yearbook and newspaper
    5. Maintain an activity account
    6. Keep and save minutes



    Signature of the Director of Students Activities