Literacy and Spoken Word Club Constitution

  • Constitution

    Of the

    Literacy and Spoken Word


    J. Sterling Morton High School



    The purpose of the Literacy and Spoken Word Club is to have students and faculty come together to discuss interesting novels that would normally not be included in the Morton East curriculum. There are no papers or tests. The club is a place to get together and discuss a book that is chosen by the members.  The Literacy and Spoken Word Club also fosters an appreciation of poetry and spoken word and its purpose is to provide an opportunity for students to develop as poets and perform their work.


    ARTICLE                                I.         OBJECTIVE


    The Objective of the Literacy and Spoken Word club is to enrich the lives of its members and to foster a love of reading and poetry.


    ARTICLE                                II.         MEMBERSHIP


    Section I.                                             Must be an active Morton East student and attend the meetings of the Literacy Spoken Word Club.

    Section II.                                Any member may be dismissed from the Literacy and Spoken Word club because of misconduct, failure to meet his responsibilities to the club, or for being absent from more than 25% of all  meetings and/or activities.  An acceptable excuse must be furnished to the secretary for an absence.            

    Section III.                               A member may be expelled from this club by a vote of the two-thirds majority of the club.          


    ARTICLE III.                                      OFFICERS


    Section I.                                             Officers are nominated and elected through popular vote by members of the club. A term as an Executive member will last for one year and then nominations will be made by members at the end of the year for a vote.

    Section II                                 .  Members are responsible for attending meetings and any required club functions.       

    Section III.The Literacy and Spoken Word club shall have the following officers:

    (1)   President, who shall be responsible for

    a.       Presiding over all meetings;

    b.      Heading all standing and special committees;

    (2)   Vice-President, who shall be responsible for

    a.       All that the President is responsible for when the President is absent or unable to take part in the activities.

    b.      Take attendance at all meetings;

    (3)   Secretary, who shall be responsible for

    a.       Any correspondence determined necessary to maintain adequate communication with the membership, school administration, Student Council, or any other agency.

    b.      Recording the minutes of all regular and/or committee meetings.

    c.       To manage any social media accounts on behalf of the club.

    (4)   Treasurer, who shall be responsible for

    a.       Collecting, depositing, and accounting of all the Literacy Spoken Word Club;

    b.      Presenting a financial report at all regular meetings;

    c.       Submitting all invoices to the membership and to advisor for their approval for their acknowledge before payment;

    d.      Recording all financial business in the record book distributed by the CLUB COMMITTEE.       

    Section IV.Officers will be removed through a majority vote by members of the club, and with the approval of the club sponsor.        


    ARTICLE V.                                        COMMITTEES

    Section I: Special committees may be established or dissolved by the Executive Board or the club advisor.                                               


    ARTICLE VI.                                      MEETINGS


    Section I.The purpose of the meetings are to discuss club business, pick books, discuss books, plan club events, allocate finances, engage in activities related to books, participate in writing activities, practice poetry, and plan field trips, fundraising, or community service projects.   

    Section II.Club meets once per week when the academic calendar allows.     

    Section III.Students are responsible for their own attendance.

    Section IV.                                           Students who do not attend club meetings risk missing out on club events.


    ARTICLE VII.                                     FINANCES


    Section I. The Literacy and Spoken Word Club may spend money with the membership and advisor’s approval only for the following purposes;

    a.       To cover the normal operating expenses of the Literacy and Spoken Word Club.

    b.      To promote the Objectives of the Literacy and Spoken Word .

    c.       All other projects (expenses) should be approved by the administration and CLUB COMMITTEE.

    Section II.                                            Funds will be raised through approved fundraising activities.



    ARTICLE VIII.                                    PARLIAMENTARY AUTHORITY


    The rules contained in ROBERT’S RULES OF ORDER, REVISED shall govern all meetings of  the Literacy and Spoken Word Club in all cases to which they are applicable and consistent with this constitution and its by-laws.


    ARTICLE IX.                                      AMENDMENTS

    This constitution shall be ratified by two-thirds majority vote of the entire membership of the Literacy and Spoken Word Club.






    Section 1: A quorum shall consist of a simple majority of the membership of the club.  No business can be transacted of a quorum is not present.



    Section 1: The Constitution and By-Laws may be amended by a two-thirds vote of a quorum and/or of the membership.



    Section 1:The actions of this club are subject to the approval of school administration and the faculty advisor.





    This Certifies that




    Morton High School has received

    Its charter for the school year


    and is extended the rights, privileges,

    and responsibilities that any

    chartered extra-curricular organization may hold.


    To Wit:

    THE CLUB MAY……..

    1.      Request calendar dates for activities

    2.      Meet in the school

    3.      Participate in school activities

    4.      Appear in yearbook and newspaper

    5.      Maintain an activity account

    6.      Keep and save minutes



    Signature of the Director of Students Activities