Ecology Club Constitution

  • Constitution of the Ecology Club at J. Sterling Morton East High School


    Preamble:                           Students will learn about environmentally sustainable practices and our implications to the planet.  Through guidance of the club adviser, which is student led, students will actively participate in applied learning (i.e. clean local and state parks).  The administration will support the cultivation of students' future environmental careers and awareness.  The students of J. Sterling Morton High School do hereby establish the Ecology Club and provide this constitution with the following objectives in mind:


    Article I Objectives         a. To educate and raise awareness to the student body, faculty and community about sustainability issues.


    1. Provide student with opportunities to enjoy the local and state parks.


    Article II Membership

                                                    Application for membership into Ecology Club is open to all students at Morton East.

    Any member may be dismissed from the Ecology Club because of misconduct, failure to meet his/her responsibilities to the club. 

    Article III Officers

                                                    Ecology Club shall have the following officers:

    • President, who shall be responsible for
      1. Presiding over all meetings;
      2. Heading all standing and special committees;
      3. Communicate and discuss ideas with club sponsor


    • Vice-President, who shall be responsible for
      1. All that the president is responsible for when the president is absent or unable to take part in activities.
      2. Take attendance at meetings
      3. Aid president when needed


    • Secretary, who shall be responsible for
      1. Any correspondence determined necessary to maintain adequate communication with the membership, school administration, student council, or any other agency.
      2. Recording the minutes of all regular and/or committee meetings
      3. To furnish a copy of the SEMESTER REPORT to CLUB COMMITTEE.


    • Treasurer, who shall be responsible for
      1. Collecting, depositing, and accounting of all the Ecology Club funds
      2. Presenting a financial report at all regular meetings
      3. Submitting all invoices to the membership and to advisor for their approval before payment
      4. Recording all financial business in the record book





    • The above officers shall compose the Executive Board.
    • Each officer shall maintain his duties to the fullest extent in accordance with the rules of the Student Council and the rules of the school.
    • Election day of officers.
    • Qualification of officers.
    • Procedure of voting.
    • All officers shall assume the duties of their respective offices when so designated by the organization.
    • The term of office should be one year.

    Article IV Committees TBD

    Article V Meetings

    • Purpose of the meetings is to discuss the objectives and goals set forth by the club and organize fundraising events, field trips, and activism among club members.


    • Meetings will be weekly on Tuesdays after school.


    • All members are required to attend weekly meetings. Vice President is in charge of keeping track of attendance.

    Article VI Finances

    • Ecology Club is a non for profit club. All fundraising and donations will be given back to the community or organizations.  Any money collected by Ecology Club will be handled in accordance with the Student Council and school rules.


    • Methods of building treasury will primarily be through fundraising and donations. Ecology may spend money with the memberships and advisor’s approval only for the following purposes;
    1. To cover the normal operating expenses of Ecology Club.
    2. To promote the objectives of the Ecology Club.
    3. All other projects (expenses) should be approved by the administration and Club Committee.

    Article VII Parliamentary Authority

    The rules contained in Robert’s Rules of Order Revised shall govern all meetings of the Ecology Club in all cases to which they are applicable and consistent with this constitution and its by-laws.        


    The actions of this club are subject to approval of school administration and the faculty advisor.