• We are already preparing to decorate out homecoming class of 2018 hallway. Please see Mr. Frankfother and/or Ms. Judge during your supervision and/or afterschool to help!

Class of 2018 Constitution

  • CThe Class of 2018 Club Constitution

    Article I Name

    This is the Class of 2018 club.

    Article II Purpose

    The purpose of Class of 2018 is to represent the graduating class of 2018 and its issues of interest within the Morton East campus, to students and staff.  Class of 2018 is responsible for continued exposure of the 2018 graduating class in campus events.  Class of 2018 is also the primary fundraiser and event coordinator for prom 2017, senior breakfast 2018 and an exiting graduating class gift to campus.

    Article III Membership

    Class of 2018 club does not discriminate on the grounds of race, color, sex and sexual orientation, marital status, national origin, age, height/weight ratio or disability.  Any member of the class of 2018 is welcome to join.

    Article IV Dues

    This club has no dues.

    Article V Officers

    The club coordinators are Karen Judge and Kent Frankfother.   All offices are shared (co-officers) for support.  Presidents are Michelle Para and Richard Swintek; vice presidents are Xitlaly Pardo and Nataly Meza; secretaries are Priscilla Pina and Erika Quezada; treasurers are Sincere Davis and Jose Garfias.  The presidents and vice presidents act as meeting leaders; secretaries take notes and communicate necessary information to the members; treasurers collect and supervise fundraising operations.  Coordinators supervise all officers and club activities, and file all necessary required paperwork.

    Article VI Meetings

    Regular meetings for Class of 2018 are held every Wednesday morning at 7:15 am in room 204.  Additional meetings are held as needed before and after school.

    Article VII Elections/Selection Process for Leadership

    Officers are determined by club selection and advisor recommendation.

    Article VIII Bylaws

    Club bylaws will be established by a majority of attending club membership.