Class of 2017 Constitution

  • Club Constitution – Class of 2017 (East)

    Preamble:                                         The students of J. Sterling Morton High School do hereby establish The Class of 2017 at East and ordain this constitution with the following objectives in mind:


                                                                  (a) Hold fundraisers to help raise money for Prom and the senior gift.

                                                                  (b) Be involved in as many Morton activities as possible.

                                                                  (c) Plan a successful Prom for the seniors.




    Section 1:                                          Application for membership into The Class of 2017 is open to


    Section 2:                                          Any member may be dismissed from The Class of 2017 because of misconduct, failure to meet his responsibilities to the club, or for being absent from more than 5 meetings and/or activities.  An acceptable excuse must be furnished to the secretary for an absence.

    Section 3:                                          A member may be expelled from this club by a vote of the two-thirds majority of the club.




    Section 1:                                          The Class of 2017 shall have the following officers:

    (1)    President, who shall be responsible for

    a.       Preside over all meetings.

    b.      Heading all standing and special committees.

    c.       Take charge when the club sponsors are not present. 


    (2)    Vice-President, who shall be responsible for

    a.       All that the President is responsible for when the President is absent or unable to take part in the activities.

    b.      Assist the President at the meetings/activities/events.

    c.       Making sure everyone is accounted for and signed in. 


    (3)    Treasurer, who shall be responsible for

    a.       Collecting, depositing, and accounting of all The Class of 2017 funds.

    b.      Presenting a financial report at all regular meetings.

    c.       Keeping track of money that is to be owed by club members from fundraisers.

    Section 2:                                            The above officers shall compose the Executive Board.

    Section 3:                                            Each officer shall maintain his duties to the fullest extent in accordance with the rules of the Student Council and the rules of the school.

    Section 4:                                            Election Day of officers.

    -          Election Day takes part the 2nd week of our club meeting held at the beginning of the year.

    Section 5:                                            Qualification of officers.

    -          Officers must have presentable grades.

    Section 6:                                            Procedure of voting.

    -          Those who would like to run for President, Vice President, or Treasurer must give a speech in front of the club.  Once all speeches are made an anonymous voting takes place and the votes are accounted for at the end.

    Section 7:                                            All officers shall assume the duties of their respective offices when so designated by the organization.

    Section 8:                                            The term of office shall be one year.



    Section 1:                                            The executive board shall set the dates for all regular meetings.



    Section 1:                                            Any money collected by The Class of 2017 must be handled in accordance with the Student Council and school rules.

    Section 2:                                            The Class of 2017 may spend money with the membership and advisor’s approval only for the following purposes;

    a.       To cover the normal operating expenses of The Class of 2017.

    b.      To promote the Objectives of The Class of 2017.

    c.       All other projects (expenses) should be approved by the administration.





    Section 1:                                            Special committees may be established or dissolved by the Executive Board or the club advisor.


                                                                    BY-LAWS THE CONSTITUTION



    Section 1:                                            A quorum shall consist of a simple majority of the membership of the club.  No business can be transacted of a quorum is not present.



    Section 1:                                            The Constitution and By-Laws may be amended by a two-thirds vote of a quorum and/or of the membership.



    Section 1:                                            The actions of this club are subject to the approval of school administration and the faculty advisor.