What is the Title I Summer Bridge Program?

  • Morton West and Morton Freshman Center offers a Title 1 Summer Bridge Program to incoming freshmen. This offers an opportunity for incoming freshmen students to increase their math, reading, and writing skills and earn high school credit free of charge through our Summer Bridge Program. This program also helps students transition to high school who are in need of extra academic support.  Students will take a math class and English class each day. Due to the Title I Grant funding, no Special Education services are available in the Summer Bridge Program. Courses are scheduled to meet five days per week, Monday through Friday.  A student will earn a ½ credit for each course taken. The program is NOT for Honors or AP students. The program runs from Monday, June 8th, 2020 – Tuesday, June 30th, 2020 from 8am – 3:34pm with a free breakfast and lunch served each day. Attendance is very important for the Morton Summer Bridge program.  If a student is absent more than 3 days the student will be dropped from the program and will not earn the credits. Parents who would like to register their student for the Title 1 Summer Bridge Program at the Freshman Center can visit the link, Title 1 Summer Bridge Program or type in the link into your browser, https://tinyurl.com/FCSB2020. Morton West parents who would like to register their student for the program can visit the link, Morton West Summer Bridge Program Registration or type in the link into your browser, goo.gl/41m9mr.

    For any additional questions, please contact:

    Jennifer Pustelnik
    World History Teacher/Morton Freshman Center Summer Bridge Coordinator


    708-863-2200 ex. 1130 
    J. Sterling Morton Freshman Center


    Claudia Gonzalez

    708-780-4100 ex. 3016


    Mrs. Megan Terpstra


    Mathematics Teacher/Morton West Summer Bridge Coordinator

    Morton West High School