Morton Hall of Fame

  • Morton Hall of Fame

    On May 17, 2014, Morton High School Alumni—and proud Mustang coaches— established the Athletic Hall of Fame for J. Sterling Morton High Schools.  The first two spots on the hall were rightfully given to 1935 graduate Bill Hapac and Class of 1955’s Dave Kocourek. If the name Hapac rings a bell, it’s because Morton’s very own gymnasium at the East High School Campus in Cicero, is named after the former Mustang and former Morton Coach. Hapac was All-State in baseball and basketball while at Morton, and an All-American player while attending the University of Illinois. He later became a coach in 1952 for fifteen years at Morton. Kocourek doesn’t fall far behind, as a Mustang on the football team,  the tight end player went on to win championship rings with the San Diego Chargers and Oakland Raiders. He was an American Football League All-Star for four straight years from 1961 to 1964.

    The Hall of Fame itself would not have been established had it not been for the hard effort on Emcee Dwight Pawlowski’s part. The 1962 Morton graduate acknowledged that “It was time to recognize 90 years of excellence by creating a Hall of Fame.” The Hall of Fame Selection Committee did an incredible job at establishing a Hall of Fame for former Mustang players, and their hard work has created a strong foundation for future committee members to incorporate new athletes into the Hall, athletes who we will proudly call “Mustangs.”



Athletic Hall of Fame Members


    Dave Kocourek 1955        Mike Castillo 1972            Dave Kocourek 1955       Jim Vopicka, Sr.                
    Bob Konovsky1952 Bob Konovsky 1952 Bill Hapac 1935 George Fencl
    Ron Miller 1957 Bill Vohaska 1947 Tom Gribben 1966 Bill Vohaska
    Bill Vohaska 1947 Lee Mungai 1961 Ed Makovsky 1951 Norm Zeibel
    Jim Regan 1941 Clarence Self 1943 Jim Vopicka Sr. 1932 John Capron
    George Fencl 1927 Bob Zaccone 1961 Jim Vopicka Jr. 1962 Bill Hedtke
    Bob Deagan 1957 Don Persern 1959 Larry Mack 1961 Ken Geiger
    Mike Cox 1961 Art Siml 1959 Don Matuszak 1954 Doug Peterson
    Ben Napolski 1954 Ben Napolski 1954 Jim Bragiel 1955 Jim Kulawiak
    John Melwid 1954 George Popelka 1941 John Posen 1966 Jim Regan
    Jim Tejcek 1959   Fritz Ploegman 1943 Bob Soucek
    Bill Janecek 1965 SOFTBALL Don Blaha 1950 Dick Kucera
    Lee Mungai 1961 Lulu Hladik 1986 Chet Strumillo 1943 Tony Martinucci
    Clarence Self 1943      
    Rich Stepanek 1963 BASEBALL TRACK & FIELD  
    Ray Marcin 1962 Bill Hapac 1935 Terry Erickson 1970  
    Larry Mack 1961 Lee Mungai 1963 Rich Ellison 1964  
    Dick Smith 1964 John Posen 1966    
    Rich Farnsworth 1979 George Fencl 1927    
    Lee Mungai 1963 Bob Miller 1953    
    1969 Football Team Jim Vopicka, Jr. 1962    
      Bob Will 1949    
      Larry Mack 1961