Morton Freshman Center Administrators


Phone: 708.863.7900, ext. 1214


Degrees and Certifications:

University of Illinois at Chicago, Bachelors in Social Work University of Illinois at Chicago, Masters in Social Work Lewis University, Administrative Certification

Mrs. Wendy Mullen

Angelica Salto, Secretary (708)-863-7900 x1124

The Freshman Center is committed to providing a supportive, personalized learning environment in which students can develop academically, socially, and emotionally. Our small school learning community will provide opportunities for students to make wise choices, achieve their highest potential, and respect themselves and others while actively engaging in the 9th-grade experience as they begin the process of transitioning to Morton East High school.

Assistant Principal of Instruction and Operations

Phone: 708 863 7900 ex 1218


Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelors in Secondary Education,Spanish. Minor in Mathematics

Mr. Eric Ramirez

Maria Zarate, Secretary (708) 863-7900 x1218

I am a proud Morton East Graduate and super excited to be part of the Morton Family.  I have worked at Morton as a teacher for five years and as Dean/Lead Dean for eight years before becoming an Assistant Principal at the Freshman Center.  As an Assistant Principal, I strive to continue to set high expectations for our student body.  I am excited to continue to enhance our supports and systems for our students to become productive members of society.  I enjoy working with students and parents to obtain a common goal of our students succeeding.  I am a firm believer that when schools and communities work together it sends the message that failure is not option. 

Assistant Principal of Student Services

Phone: 708.863.7900 ext. 1217


Degrees and Certifications:

Western Illinois University, Bachelor of Science: Special Education, K-12, Learning Behavioral Specialist. 

 Concordia University Chicago, Master of Arts: Educational Leadership IL Professional Educator License, General Administrative Certificate

Jennifer Pufpaf

Welcome to Morton Freshman Center!  I have had the pleasure of being an administrator at Morton West High School since 2016.  I started my educational career in January 2008 as a Special Education teacher and began my administrative career in 2016 as a Dean of Students at Morton West.  In my eight years of teaching, I worked with students ranging from five to twenty-one years old with a variety of disabilities in both the public and therapeutic day school setting. At Morton West, we provide an entire continuum of special education services.  We have programs ranging from adaptive skills instruction to resource services.  I will work closely with the students, staff, parents, administration, and community members to ensure that students receive a free appropriate public education in the least restrict environment.  My focus will be to support students who require special education services to become a productive member of society by supporting them in achieving their individual post-secondary goals.  I look forward to a successful and wonderful year!

Dean of Students

Phone: 708.863.2200 x 1126


Degrees and Certifications:

Eastern Illinois University – B.S. Mathematics and Computer Science National Louis University – M.A.T. Secondary Education Concordia University – M.A. Illinois Principal Preparation

Mr. Glenn Brunton

Secretary, (708)-863-7900 x1124

Kevin Lopez, Attendence Secretary, (708)-863-7900 x1122

Luz Vargas, ID Clerk, (708)-863-7900 x1123

My goal as the Dean of Students at the Morton Freshman Center is to create and maintain a safe learning environment for all students.  As Dean of Students, I will collaborate with students, families, and the community to ensure all students succeed.  Prior to becoming Dean of Students, I have worked at Morton East and Morton Freshman Center since 2009 as a math teacher, numeracy coach, club sponsor, and rugby coach.


Phone: 708 863 7900


Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor of Education degree, a Master’s in Special Education, and an Ed.S in Educational Leadership Degree from National Louis University. 

Colleen Clifford

I am honored to serve as the Special Education Coordinator at Morton Freshman Center.  With almost two decades of teaching experience, I have worked with students at all levels of the Special Education continuum.  I began my career in therapeutic day school settings and transitioned into different high schools along the way. I was an Assistant Principal at a school for students with special needs.  There I developed my IEP skills, lead much professional development on co-teaching and IEP trainings, and participated in various leadership teams.  As IEP Facilitator for Freshman Center in 2021-2022, I facilitated many IEP meetings and transition meetings with the junior high. I am very excited to be part of the Morton family and look forward to working with the Morton family to ensure that all students succeed.