Morton Freshman Center Garden Expansion Project

  • Garden Expansion Project Update

    The Morton Freshman Center Garden Expansion Project is well underway. Over 600 students spread across over 150 groups in five different houses are competing to make the best 3-dimensional design for the new garden expansion. The project is challenging students to design their models mathematically to scale. They must also communicate and collaborate effectively in order to create the best design.  A large part of the project involves researching over 100 native plant species. They use their research to figure out where to plant them based on flower color, bloom time, and height. Each group received $50,000 in play money and a spreadsheet to keep track of all of their plants and other items that they will need to purchase. 

    It has been very interesting to see the wide range of imagination and creativity. Whichever team wins the final vote in May, it is sure to be a very extensively planned design that took months to prepare. All the groups will come away with an appreciation and a better understanding for the engineering design process and how science, technology, engineering and math can be woven together to make something truly beautiful and impactful in their community. By summer, we will have a brand new garden that is around 8,000 square feet with gravel pathways, 15,000 native plants, and a brand new pond. Next year’s freshman will be in for a real treat when they see what this year’s freshman designed and created for the Morton community. 

    To view and download all pictures from this project, click the following links below:

Congratulations Maroon 2!

  • Congratulations to our Garden Expansion Winners from the Freshman Center Maroon 2!

    We are so happy to announce that after weeks of working on this project, we have chosen our winners. Congratulations to Julio Trinidad, Charlie Sanchez, Diego Vargas and Jenn Antunez. Now, your vision is going to come to life! Stay tuned for our new Freshman Center Garden coming soon.

Garden Expansion Video Timeline

Part 1

Part 2